GRIP WRAP - The perfectly portable pole Pal

All About Stunt grip


Trusted by Professionals

You can find Grip Wrap on poles and aerial apparatus  with Cirque du Soleil and other international shows as well as local performers and artists in your neighborhood. When you want the best, and you simply won't settle for less, trust Grip Wrap.


Keep Your Clothes On with Grip Wrap!

Nothing is worse than trying to perform on a freezing cold pole and being forced to take off all your nice warm layers in order to climb. Now, with Grip Wrap, you don't have to. Keep your clothes on, and wrap your pole in a quick and easy five minute application. All of a sudden ANY pole is ready for dancing even in the middle of winter!


Any Pole, Any Time

Grip wrap will adhere to itself which means you can wrap any shape, material, or structure. Open up your pole world to include all manner of apparatus for urban performances. Get the grip you need anywhere you want it. Keep grip wrap in your trunk and you will be ready to safely pole anytime, any place.