STUNT GRIP POWDER - Simply The best grip aid available

All About Stunt Grip


Trust Your Grip

Stunt grip provides a sure and reliable grip when you need it the most. As you perspire, Stunt Grip activates. You can feel it working harder when you do too. Whether you have dry or sweaty hands, Stunt Grip with give you the friction you desire.


Feel The Difference

Stunt Grip is made from a blend of different rock rosins and formulated for the most versatile grip aid on the market. You've tried chalk, sprays, dust, powders and gums - stop messing with inferior products and get the bag professionals trust most. Stunt Grip is what you trust when slippery fingers just aren't acceptable. Come feel the difference, it's time to step up your stunts!


Trusted by Professionals around the globe

From Cirque du Soleil arenas to your local crossfit gym, Stunt Grip is trusted by professionals around the world whenever a good clean grip aid is needed. 

Nothing beats the security you feel when using Stunt Grip.